ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

Gold ETF Creation Unit

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 Creation Units for:  14-08-2020
 NAV As on: 13/08/2020  46.8687
 Gold Value per Unit As on: 12/08/2020  52.8364
 Cash Component Per unit  -5.9677
 Cash Component Per Creation Unit  -596770
The above creation unit is for 1,00,000 units of GOLD ETF.
If Cash Component is positive investor has to pay while creation and will receive on      redemption.
If Cash Component is negative investor will receive on creation and will pay during redemption.
Transaction charges payable by the investor is per creation request and will be as decided by      the AMC at the time of transaction.
This is an indicative amount. Cash component as applicable on the date of purchase /      redemption will be collected / paid.
Note : Gold Value per Unit prior to 1st July 2017 is including VAT. Gold Value per Unit post 1st July 2017 is excluding GST.