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Residential - Opportunistic (Debt / Preferred Equity / Equity)

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Structuring transactions to maximize value and aim for equity like returns secured by debt like risks

Investing with or alongside reputed developers having demonstrated track record

Implementing various risk mitigation techniques to protect investments

Monitoring investments on regular basis to ensure complete oversight

Formulating clear exit strategy

Fund / Portfolio Vintage Size (in Billion) Number of Investments
Portfolio 1 2007 7.5 16
Offshore Portfolio* 2007 3.6 8
Venture Capital Fund 2013 10.0 21
Alternative Investment Fund – I 2014 7.2 15+
Alternative Investment Fund – II 2015 3.4 3+
*Offshore Portfolio was raised entirely from offshore investors. ICICI Prudential Real Estate acted as investment advisor to the investment manager of Offshore Portfolio