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What is a Systematic Investment Plan?

An SIP is a simple, convenient and disciplined way to meet your financial goals. It allows you to invest in Mutual Funds in calculated amounts over a pre-defined period of time. It allows you to make the most of the growth potential of Mutual Funds, by investing periodically and benefiting from Rupee Cost Averaging.

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Why should I invest in a Systematic Investment Plan?


It’s a disciplined investment tool

It’s the kind of investment tool that imparts a discipline and a steady habit of investment in the life of investors. When you need to achieve an assured long-term growth for your money, being regular and systematic remains to be the key.

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It averages your purchase cost

By investing a fixed amount at different times, you buy more units when the markets are down and lesser units when they are high. Over a period of time, the cost per unit averages out and usually places the investment in a position to earn good returns. This concept is known as ‘Rupee cost averaging’

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It compounds your returns

The earlier you start investing with SIPs, the better it is. Even if you save a small amount per month, your investment compounds over a longer term and can give you an advantage for wealth creation. This concept is known as ‘Power of Compounding’

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They say, the journey of a

1000 miles begins with a single step.

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Download these documents to know more about Year of SIP.

How much can my SIP installments today, earn me in the future?

  1. Monthly Investments (Rs.)

  2. Expected Rate of Returns (%)

  3. Investment Period (in years)

  4. Wealth Created (Rs.)

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How to make the most of my Systematic Investment Plan

Start Early

Compounding is a powerful force in this facility, which essentially means growth upon growth.
By investing a fixed amount every month it’s not just the amount invested every month that has the potential to grow, but the growth on the previous monthly installments as well.

  • January
  • January Growth +
  • January Growth +
    February Growth +

The earlier you start, the longer you can invest, the greater you can earn.

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Invest regularly

It is advised that you continue the race like a tortoise – Maintain a consistent pace and not stop.
This can help you manage market volatility, as it lets you average out the cost of your investments over time (A concept called rupee cost averaging).

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Invest the right amount

Investing right is as important as investing early. If you have answers to the below questions, you can arrive at the Right SIP amount:

  • What is my goal? (Example: To buy a dream house that would cost me Rs. 4000000)
  • How much do I expect to earn? (Example: I expect a 12.5% rate of return per annum)
  • By when, do I want to reach my goal? (Example: I see myself buying this house in 15 years)
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