MF Utility

MF Utility (MFU) is a Transaction Aggregating Portal that offers various facilities to simplify the process of investing and tracking your Mutual Fund investments as given below. MFU provides a 24x7 universal online access across Mutual Funds to investors to access NAV and Scheme related information and content.
  • Investing in & Payment for multiple schemes across Mutual Funds of various participating AMCs through a single form

  • Online Common Account Statement

  • Composite Portfolio information

  • Portfolio holdings

  • Scheme related information

MFU also offers convenience to Distributors of Mutual Fund schemes. It helps Distributors and investors submit Common Account Number Registration Forms (CRF) at any of the MF Utility Points of Service.

Click here to view the list of MFU Points of Service.

Click here to download Common Account Number (CAN) Registration and Transaction Forms.

For more Information about MF Utility visit

Or call their Toll Free Number - 1800 266 1415

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